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Self development based on components techniques

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Self development based on components techniques

According to the current the development step, mining machinery industry has a promising prospect. That first is the replacement of crusher. Small crusher can be used for only three to five years. The domestic replaced about 20% of the total demand of the crusher each year. Even so, there are a lot of crushers are in overage operation. In general, domestic crushers have trend to aging and more large-scale replacement is only a matter of time;


Second, in 2009, the Chinese GDP has increased by 15-20%. The development of high way construction, cement and other infrastructure construction is bound to pull the crusher industry development.

Third, the post-disaster reconstruction is undoubtedly another focus by the construction machinery industry. As the country continues to expand domestic demand, the pace of infrastructure construction accelerated, which led to the crusher industry is booming. It is the source of raw materials which the construction is demanding for. We can imagine how the productivity is without crusher.

Jiang Lin, Deputy Secretary of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, has pointed out that an industry is likely to come into boom period when the product export growth up to 40% ~ 70%. After maintaining a period of time, the industry will enter into high risk period of the trade friction. However, the machinery industry in China is now in such a period. With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, the traditional trade barriers means the gradual weakening or canceled, anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade more and more be used. Developed countries make use of the technical advantages continuing to take the technical regulations, standards, certification, patents and other means to increase market threshold. In the name of protecting the country or region security, protecting human, animal or plant safety and protection of the environment, the developed countries build trade barriers against large number of export products from China. Therefore, in the current situation of high growth of export trade, we must remain sober and rational understanding, and enhance the awareness and means to prevent international trade friction disputes.

Broken machinery manufacturing in China, generally speaking, has entered the top ranks of a large international production. But the overall competition and development potential are still unable to compete with developed countries, currently supporting parts of the domestic high-end users and export products mainly rely on imports, with the export trade friction increase, it is bound to be constrained by foreign competitors and suppliers. Broken machinery in the future revitalization and development center of gravity should put up the basic techniques and basic components, to improve the level of self-development.


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According to the current the development step, mining machinery industry has a promising prospect. That first is the replacement of crusher. 

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