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The bride beauty trick
Bride want the most exquisite makeup, the most happiest moment in life to the release of the greatest beauty and most beloved husband, how to make the bride more beautiful? Bridal beauty secrets to share with us now!
1, close to the foundation of the skin: make excellent makeup is better, thewedding dresses irelanddresses ireland
method is very simple, as long as you first slightly damp makeup sponge into the refrigerator a few minutes later, shot in cold sponge wipe a good foundation of the skin you will feel the skin exceptionally fresh, make-up is particularly refreshing.
2, the cool eye drops: drinking or lack of sleep will make your eyes appeared to be very tired, bloodshot. You can drop one or two drops of eye drops to ease the fatigue effect, so that the eye capillaries, congestion, and symptoms of rupture to relieve eye drops but not better, too much it may appear adverse effect.
3, the pipe eyebrow: If you feel that holding the pencil hand refuses to write, draw no satisfactory eyebrows. May wish to make a new attempt: colored pencil in the arm, eyebrow brush dipped in color, evenly brush the eyebrows, you will be surprised to get a more natural and gentle makeup effects.
Cold towel: red and swollen eyes, bulging bags under the eyes to make you look listless, do not panic, cold towels and hot towels alternately deposited in the eyes for more than 10 minutes, and then the ice towel for a while, tired eyes will revertwedding dresseswedding dresses ireland
5 flat small mirror on the table: painted and detailed liner you may be a major problem, in fact, it is not difficult, you have to do is first elbow in a fixed place, such as your dressing table, the tablecheap wedding dresses level put a small mirror, eyes down look in the mirror, you can rest assured eyeliner.
6, white eyeliner: the eyes are the window of the soul, the large, bright eyes tend to give the left a deep impression, you can try white eyeliner to draw under the liner, a pair of eyes look bigger and more vivid.
7, spray moisturizer: make-up is completed, spray to the face from a distance leaving an arm of the facial moisturizer, makeup can be more lasting.
The bride make-up tips:
Make-up tool must be kept clean, mild shampoo can be used to clean brushes, with small amount of conditioner factors can make the bristles soft; diluted with warm water and detergent used to clean the old eyebrow brush is to make eyebrow brush quickly returned to the original best.
2, wear glasses will affect your make-up effects, if you are wearing hyperopic glasses, the lenses will enlarge the eyes and make-up, this time for dim eyecheap wedding dresses irelandcheap wedding dresses ireland
color; wearing glasses make his eyes appear small, suitable for use bright colors, layered eye shadow and a neat eyebrow can be effectively modified face.

Nothing,just want be a beautifull bridg.

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