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Wedding Practices

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There are a lot of wedding practices that are still left mysterious for most people even for the couples that will be doing them at their weddings. It is important to follow the usual wedding practices though some couple would like to have a unique one for their own but it is also very important to be able to know the importance of these practices.

Wedding Practices

Though most weddings are usually the same with the same program and traditions and beliefs that the couples are following together with some superstitions, they fail to know the origin and the meaning behind these.

One of the most famous practices in weddings is the brides throwing of the bouquet. When the bride throws a bouquet, it does not only signify that she wants a friend to get married. There is more to this practice. This tradition is said to come from the 14th century French era which heartens the bride to share her luck in finding her soul mate but also persuades her to share a piece of her garment to the one who would catch it. Though it had not been always a good practice because in the 14th century French era, brides were treated poorly and guests would grab off pieces of her clothing leaving the bride with torn clothes. Even if brides believed that it should not matter much since they would not be wearing their wedding dresses anymore, others find it absurd since most of them would want to keep their dresses for remembrance. Because of this, brides decided to throw little things that belonged to them, from garters to other personal things and in the end, their bridal bouquet.

The brides wearing of the garter on the other hand represents her virginal status and with the groom removing it, they are publicly announcing that it would not be in the same situation anymore especially after their first night of togetherness. Origins of this practice moves back to the medieval times when guests would accompany the newlywed couple to their bed chamber and some men would take advantage of her, in order to avoid this, the groom would get the garter and throw it out of the door ordering the other men to get out.

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